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Design services that complement each other

We provide services in three areas that are complementary to each other: brand design, web design, and app design. Scroll down to read more about each service.

Brand strategy & design

We work with you to define your brand strategy (aka your brand positioning, personality, voice & tone, etc) and design your visual identity (aka how your brand looks which includes elements like your logo, colour palette, brand collateral and more). We always start by understanding what you need, come up with a brand strategy and decide together what design elements your business needs. 

Estimated timeline of 10 - 12 weeks
web design & development

Understanding the purpose of your website and who will be using it is crucial. We work with you to understand these details and define the structure of the website. Our designs are 100% custom and aligned with your branding. Once the website has been designed and developed, you’ll have full control over your website and can update the content anytime - no worries, we always include a training session and a user manual on how to edit and upload content.

Estimated timeline of 14 - 16 weeks
app design (UX/UI)

We collaborate with you to understand what problem your app is solving and for who. We make sure that the strategy and design solution are tailored towards your business goals and your users needs. The solution could take the shape of a mobile app, web app or both. Defining this will be part of the strategy. We also offer interactive or functioning prototype design if your goal is to pitch the idea to investors.

The timeline will depend on each project
Our process
Understand the problem
Define the strategy & solution
Design and develop the solution

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