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While we can’t go back in time, we can save you from long wait lists in the future. These are efficient sprints done in 1 or 2 weeks, or on an ongoing basis to get your innovations out into the world sooner.
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Design Blitz

How it works

We will begin with a kick-off call to determine the scope of work and gather everything we need to get started. Once we have made sufficient progress, we will send you the design work for your feedback.

All communication will take place via Slack and/or Zoom calls.

You must pay 100% in advance. Payments are non-refundable but can be rescheduled if the client informs us at least 48 hours before the start of the Design Blitz.

What it includes
  • All the design work we can accomplish within 10-15 hours (in one week)
  • Unlimited revisions and iterations*
  • Two meetings: A kick-off call and a feedback session*

(*) All the time dedicated to your project, such as design work, meetings, and revisions, counts as part of the overall bucket of hours for your Design Blitz.

What can be done

A Design Blitz is typically great for:

  • Creating investor decks
  • Designing or developing sales pages (depending on the complexity)
  • Designing small UI features
  • Conducting a website or application audit


Design Marathon

How it works

We will begin with a planning call to define priorities and the scope of work. After making sufficient progress, we will send you the designs to get your feedback and continue working on it based on the feedback and final touches.

All communication will be conducted through Slack, Zoom, and calls, as well as our client dashboard.

You will be required to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit in advance, and the remaining 50% at the end of the two-week sprint. If you book multiple sprints, you only need to pay the deposit once. All subsequent sprints will be billed at the end of each two-week period.

What it includes
  • All design work that can be accomplished within 20-30 hours per week for 2 weeks
  • Optional brand and/or UX strategy workshops and design audits*
  • Unlimited revisions and iterations*
  • Unlimited Zoom meetings and Slack messages*

(* All time dedicated to your project, including design work, meetings, and revisions, counts towards the overall bucket of hours for your Design Marathon.)

What can be done

Typically, in a Design Marathon, we can complete:

  • UX/UI design for a medium-sized feature or two to three small features
  • Brand refresh (a full brand redesign takes about four Design Marathons)
  • Small website design or development

The number of Design Marathons required will depend on your project's scope, communication, and number of rounds of revision. If you want to work with us for something like your MVP, we recommend starting with a project or feature that has a clear scope. This will help both of us see how we work together.


Design Loop

You have so much work that requires design support and creative direction that it’s starting to become a roadblock for your business, but you are not yet ready to hire a team. You need someone who can be your right hand when it comes to design. That's where our Design Loops come in.

A Design Loop is just a fancy name for working with us on an ongoing basis. We work a set number of hours for you every week, and you commit to paying the same amount every month. It's that simple.

How it works

We recommend having a planning call every week or every other week to discuss priorities and the scope of work. Once we have made enough progress, we will send you the design work for your feedback. We will then continue to work on your feedback until we are ready to move on to the next project. That being said, we can work on multiple projects simultaneously and have additional calls if necessary.

All communication will take place via Slack, Zoom calls, and our client dashboard. If necessary, you are welcome to invite us to your project management tool.

Design loops will be billed biweekly and no deposit is required. Contracts are available for 6, 9, or 12 months. Before committing to a Design Loop, we ask clients to hire us for a Design Marathon, (a 2-week sprint) to work on a project with a clear scope. This will help both of us see how we can work together effectively.

What it includes

Any type of UX/UI, brand and web design you need.

  • We can complete all design work within 20-30 hours per week.
  • Optional brand and/or UX strategy workshops and design audits are available*
  • Unlimited revisions and iterations are included*
  • Unlimited Zoom meetings and Slack messages are available*

(*) Please note that all time spent on your project, including design work, meetings, and revisions, counts toward the weekly bucket of hours allotted for your Design Loop.

What can be done

We can provide any type of UX/UI, brand, and web design that you require.


The Random Pattern Process

No matter which service you choose, we’ll roll out the red carpet for you with our three-step, signature process.

01. Strategy & Creative Direction

Before we dive into design, we *always* start with strategic planning and ideation. It’s what separates an intentional, money-making brand from one that’s created on a whim and flops with your audience.

02. Design Production

This is when we put our hair up, grab our super-strong coffee, and get to work! We immerse ourselves in the design and development until it looks just right AND ticks all of our strategic boxes.

03. Launch

Finally, the big moment you’ve been waiting for! We help you launch your new, elevated designs with ease and impact, so you can proudly show up and share your vision with the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a sprint cost?

The cost per sprint varies depending on various factors, such as the number of stakeholders, hours of work per week, number of recurring meetings, project complexity, seasonality, and more. Once we have evaluated all these elements, we will provide you with a final price per sprint, the soonest starting date, a high-level plan for the first sprint, and an estimated number of sprints if we consider the scope of your project would require more than one sprint.

What if it takes longer to design?

If the project scope is clear and everything goes according to plan, we commit to finishing the project within the agreed timeline, and you will only need to invest in that number of sprints. However, if you decide to add more scope, request additional rounds of revisions, or take longer to provide feedback, we may need to add extra sprints. If additional sprints are needed, we will inform you in advance and only start the work once we got your approval in writing.

This way of working may sound unconventional for most design studios, but it is very standard for startups with a constantly changing pace.

Do you offer extra revisions after the sprint has been completed?

Yes, we offer additional options for revisions. You can hire us for a Design Blitz, which is a mini-sprint done in one week of 10-15 hours of work. Alternatively, we can provide an hourly rate for extra revisions.

I'm not sure whether I need a Design Blitz or a Design Marathon. How can I decide?

To determine the best option for your needs, timeline, and budget, we first need to chat and understand the scope of your project. Based on that conversation, we'll make a recommendation on the best option.

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