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Lala Musik

Brand design

Web design

Lala Musik creates personalized song playlists for babies using their name at the click of a button. Although currently only available in German, they will soon be offered in other languages, such as English and Spanish. Our goal was to help them create a brand that resonates with both the buyer and end user (these playlists are typically purchased as gifts for pregnant mothers), and to provide a seamless shopping experience through a beautiful brand and interface design.

A user-friendly searching experience

The project presented several interesting design challenges. For instance, we needed to ensure that the name search was user-friendly while also addressing the possibility that some names might not be available. We wanted to make sure that users knew that they could request a name, which would help the company learn what names were in high demand and which ones needed to be added to their database.

We designed custom characters featuring an elephant mother and her baby. We chose elephants because they are one of the few animals that exhibit a strong sense of motherhood and use sounds to communicate with their young. This aligns well with the brand's concept and values, while adding a sense of playfulness to the brand.

Personalized playlists for your little one


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Bird&Be is a cutting-edge fertility supplement and at-home test brand. We have been working together with Bird&Be since 2021, serving as their in-house design team.
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Avina is a mobile application that connects beauty professionals with customers. Our team was responsible for designing the brand and creating the brand strategy, as well as designing the investor deck template, designing the app and turning it into an interactive prototype.
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Ñustas is an e-learning platform for Latin American women who want to change their professional career paths. We created their new brand strategy, redesigned their visual identity, and designed and developed their website, including online shopping capabilities.